we laid with each other just to stay warm
Anonymous asked: yes it is! I know that sounds lame as hell I'm sorry I just thought it was so beautiful and I bawled my eyes out reading it and it's kinda stuck with me ever since. especially that one particular line. you're a really great writer. I hope this isnt creepy oh god D:

not at all! this is hella flattering and super super cool! makes me want to write again haha. please please show me a photo of your tattoo if you get it done!

Anonymous asked: "after that, I just felt empty." that whole short little poem. describes my battle with depression and anxiety so well. I love it, it's stuck with me ever since I read it for the first time. thats what I want tattooed.

oh wow is that from that hurricane thing i wrote like 3 years ago? 

Anonymous asked: not sure if you even use this blog anymore but I really want a certain line from a poem of yours tattooed on me, even if its long. cause it impacted me that hard. I know thats weird, I've never met you, just your words are really beautiful.

i don’t really use it but i still get notifications when people message me

tell me what you want to get tattooed! this is so so so sweet <3

takcy asked: im laughin so hard victoria bae this person actually must be retarded u have pics of urself too on ur tagged/victoria and whyyyyy why why would I make a whole blog just to give myself one note :'( plus if they looked at the other blog that captioned my photoset theyd see she has a me page too and an archive stretching back like 3 years hahah lawd. love u fruitcake I miss u being on tumblr xxxxxx

take me oh part south african/part maori goddess

further proof that this is an independent blog for dickwads


Anonymous asked: The blog Takcy is a joke, you and another blog commented/reblogged that photo set but you've never reblogged anything else. I bet the person who runs takcy runs these two as well and is commenting I'm her own stuff to look better. Lame

sorry dude i’m just a lonely little asian girl in love with takcy and i’m hoping that by reblogging only her photos she’ll learn to love me back and take me as her midget asian lover

yo dude r u srs this blog has been inactive for weeks now and i deleted 5000+ posts which you would know if you had actually gone to the effort of reading my posts, in which case you would know that this isn’t jordan

gappin’ it

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i got broken up with six months ago why do i still feel like shit



i miss you i miss you i miss you

i miss you like lightning misses the earth and would tear the sky apart to kiss it, however fleeting

i miss you like the waves miss the shore no matter how many times they are pushed away

it’s been nearly six months

and i need to stop writing about you but sometimes i think about that time i forgot to shave my legs before coming over but you didn’t mind, and i remember when you told me that you loved tigers like i loved sharks, and how you said you would be so angry at me if i killed myself, but at least maybe if i did you would come back because i miss you like i miss the knives i used to check that i was still red on the inside.




i am so boring i am the most boringest person out of all people persons 

stop it ur cute

*cute&boring thx 

nothing wrong with being boring bby